This blog is NSFW and full of One Piece. I ship ZoSan so that might show up on my blog. You have been warned.
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Alvida for anon.

Chapter 588: Sabo's Ocean

I want Franky to make Kyros a badass prosthetic leg.

R.I.P Potato-Bag-Law joke.
a friend of mine is catching up on one piece
Friend: It's so weird like, Zoro is the one who gets lost all the time, but everyone keeps asking "where is Sanji?" because he just poofs out of existence once in a while to fuck shit up.
Me: They don't really have to ask where Zoro is because the answer is always "lost". He could be on the other side of the grand line for all they know.
Friend: But he always shows up where and when he's needed the most. He's like a bloodthirsty Gandalf.


this is my explanation as to how luffy got his silly shirt in movie 6

this is exactly how.