This blog is NSFW and full of One Piece. I ship ZoSan so that might show up on my blog. You have been warned.
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Fanfiction and foolishness
OMG you ship Enel with Wiper ? That would be strange ... but hey why not ;)

I don’t actually SHIP it outside of the fact it looks hot, i mean lots of things look hot and get a vip slip onto a casual ship.

but now that I think about it Viper is the one character that canonically straddled Enel.

and had him between his legs

and made him weak in the knees.

-and then made his heart go doki doki "GACHUNK GACHUNK".

There was a spark between them.

#OPANNIVERSARY | 6. Relationships/Interactions


I havent been super around for like 2 days so here have a casual Space Eminem


I can dance fairly well.


me: I'm thinking about writing a "god-complex businessman AU Enel smut one shot" , but I don't know who I should pair him up with.
friend: Sorry, I can't think of Enel sexually because of his earlobes.
me: come on, you could pull on them or gag him with them or use them like a harness.
Friend: that doesn't sound sexy at all.
Me: Well neither does Buggy's disembodied penis floating around but you learn to appreciate some weird stuff when you look at One Piece porn.

I’m so upset because all this time I had no idea there was an actual electrical company called Enel.


apparently my favourite thing to draw lately is luffy with a shit eating grin