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hey guys, i just wanted to remind everyone that USOPP HAS HAKI NOW. 

that’s all.

Yoko Kanno
von (feat. Arnór Dan)
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von (feat. Arnór Dan) - Yoko Kanno

Anime: Zankyou no Terror



yohohoho yohohoho


redrew a screencap of luffy from film z !!



here it is ^ ^

HAHA OH NO yeah i knew you meant these pics….didnt notice it though lmaoo. thanks!

(ive been meaning to draw sanji in lingerie anyways tbh since im reading a certain…fic…)


really though, just imagine zoro in the biggest, ugliest christmas sweater in the entire world. like, offensively colored with the most ridiculous designs with different colored lights with bells, and the itchiest thing in the entire world. but zoro literally won’t take it off throughout the entire month of december (“zoro, that sweater reeks of your armpit sweat. take it off already.”)

and when sanji finally gives in and asks him why he wears the hideous thing 24/7 he just looks away, sheepishly rubs the back of his head and mutters, “chopper gave it to me last year.” 

and he did. chopper spent forever trying to knit the thing together and even had usopp help him with the lights and everything else. he literally lit up when zoro put it on for the first time, so every christmas, he wears it every waking second because the look in chopper’s eyes is priceless no matter how itchy the thing may be.

Sogeking Song
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Rule 1 of the One Piece fandom: Always reblog Sogeking. Always.

oop, must reblog now

OOC: Just couldn’t resist. He is a great man and he needs more love. Bless the great king of snippers, Sogeking!

Don’t you guys think it’s a bummer Sogeking didn’t join the crew?

They got the better half in the end

I love your headcanons. Do you have any headcanons or theories for Zoro's past before he arrived at Koshiro's Dojo?


yes. Okay so THIS post was originally just supposed to be a joke but I am honestly headcannon-ing this scenario. I can actually believe this happened?

I think I’ll just write down my biggest “headcanon” about Zoro’s past, because honestly I am just rolling on the floor whining about the mystery that is Zoro, Brook and Sanji’s early childhood because they are the only ones still not revealed!? (if they ever will be)

Also I am hoping Zoro comes from Wano. It seems pretty plausible and it would be an awesome twist. I think about One Piece a lot and I actually really want Zoro to be descended from Samurai Ryuma.

Living Ryuma and Zoro look identical save for black hair and topknot.




Here’s  link if you want to read Ryuma’s one shot story by Oda.

1.Ryuma’s zombie has bandages over the eye Zoro is injured on post timeskip (oda seems to love damaging left eyes for some reason),

2. Zoro is wearing robes post timeskip just like Ryuma was. SAMURAI OUTFIT AWWW YISS, (maybe this fashion style is in Zoro’s blood idk.)

3. They are also the first characters to slay dragons in their era and did it in the EXACT same way with the EXACT same sword.

4. Their personalities are almost identical and their shared issue with money debt are hilarious.

-I am actually hoping Zoro was a really important child of some REALLY high up people on Wano. like a lord or something. (think Samurai Prince) that sounds like the best manga title ever.

I’d like Zoro to have been an important child and the world government kidnapped him or something to use to get an upper hand with dealing with the people of Wano!? (It is canon that Wano is the only place in the New World the World Government stays out of from fear) but he got lost and escaped to east blue with the aid of his MAGNIFICENT sense of direction.

This all just CRAZY headcanons but I would like Zoro to show up on Wano, and the country just goes NUTS because he looks just like all those statues of Ryuma and has Shuusui and shit. I’d also like there to be conflict and preferably no damn princesses that are sacrifising themselves for their country. All in all I want Zoro and the crew’s act of heroism to save Kine’mon, Momo and that other mysterious Samurai Guy  to be the thing that makes Wano bond with the Strawhats against the world government.

Bonus points if Zoro tableflips the sexist norms on Wano with his “gender changes nothing” attitude and there is a plot about a swordswoman/Young girl inspired to fight because of something he tells her.

(maybe she makes Zoro her personal Mihawk idk it would make me cry.)